In Search of the Urban Toronto Ducks

Spring is a time of beginnings, exploration, and … BABY DUCKS!

I have an incredibly knowledgeable and sweet partner Moshe. He is a geographer and trained urban planner that loves my city more than anything.

He loves and knows our urban space, but for a long time I have failed to realize the depth of his appreciation of the green spaces and wildlife that share this city with us!

On one path he mentioned the Urban ducks that find watery spots and walk down the path just like me. I am obsessed with all things cute and quacky, so I kept asking him to tell me the story again and again!
“Tell me about the cute ducks!” Fortunately, my his daughter (my step daughter) is five so he is well practiced in talking about cute things.

My birthday brings spring, as I am born March 21st and my mind is filled with thoughts of plants and nature.

I plan to visit and explore the green spaces – ravines, trails, shores, paths, etc – of Toronto all spring and summer.

I want to see these ducks and the animals that exist throughout Toronto challenging my idea of the only animals making a home in a city is … people. I mean I know that isn’t the case, but these animal friends are just as at home here as I am!