Be Ready

I don’t want cool and aloof

i want hungry, starving

Wet wide eyes


an open mouth even wetter

A tongue carefully holding back so much saliva

Blood rushing

Body tensed

A heart pounding and blood rising, spreading

Hands tingling, cold, ready

I need such readiness,

involuntary shuddering as you stand and sweat

laughing and mumbling to yourself.

A dialogue of desire manifesting as madness and mumbling as you walk



abiding your time only by staring at your shoes

avoiding all eye contact

and taking one breath at a time.

Any more and you would be revealed.

I am waiting.

Waiting to come and wrap myself around you

Run fingertips down the back of your neck, thumbing your cervical spine

bringing my hands around

over your shoulders,




Xyphoid Process.

Down your chest past your solar plexus

Slight pressure for good measure

down across your abdomen

Your belly

Brushing against your waistband with my fingertips



I need you to be ready.


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