“your thighs are the perfect density,” I mumbled trying to valiantly (in my mind) capture the wonder of her legs.
White and aglow. Really smooth, almost too smooth. Like alabaster, but living and soft to the touch.

For some reason her skin never made me feel insecure, nor brought a storm of comparisons to rain down on my mind. Clouding out the simply joys of first getting to know a lovers body.

With her it was just touching, naming, seeing.
My skin brown just as normal as her white skin.

I mean, it wasn’t perfect. She was tall, white and thin, but as far as pretty good gets. Well, I was thankful.

I felt like a person around her, and when she would laugh – my stomach would swell up with a feeling that pressed up against my heart.

Butterflies? Humming birds, maybe? Who knows, bats even. My feelings soared, so whatever was flapping against my belly it sure made me take notice.

The flapping stirred my heart just enough that when I looked at her face I had to blink extra hard and I felt myself licking my lips.
I couldn’t let myself look away.

The funny part is I am not in my twenties even, but around her I felt 16 and just completely enthralled with getting to know someone.


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